Xfinity default gateway and important points related to it.

Now a day there is an increased use of wireless home networks. One needs to protect its network from possible outside threat such as outside users, viruses, etc. If left unprotected then other outside users can share the data on your computers and can hack your username and password. xfinity default gateway is a form of a wireless gateway that provides the functioning of a Wi-Fi router and voice modem in a single device.

Admin Tool: If you have a wireless gateway you, can make changes to your wireless gateway. This way you can fit the way you use your internet and network. Changes can be made only when you are connected to your wireless gateway.
What Xfinity means?
If you have an Xfinity default gateway, then it will protect your home device from outside device. Blocked devices are always being marked as paused in your list. You can later take action on the paused device. It is very easy to unparse your device in Xfinity.
If you are a user of Xfinity default gateway, you can access the settings and preferences created in the admin tool even from your mobile APP. You need not necessarily connect to your wireless connection. Once you log in to the Xfinity settings and adjust your settings, you will not be able to manage certain settings on the admin tool.

Steps to start using Xfinity:
You can download the Xfinity xFi app free if charges from your Google play store or just log in to and sign in with a user name and password. One can access its web portal.
It features:
Xfinity default gateway has some features as follows:
• Username and passwords can be changes anytime with ease
• You can create nicknames for various devices used by your family members.
• You can solve trouble-shooting issues without taking the help of customer service.
Xfinity default gateway is the best tool to protect your network systems from outside threats.

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