Where to sell gold in Melbourne and Why?

We are the best gold buyers Melbourne dealers, as claimed by our client reviews and feedback, because of not only the immediate cash for old gold services we provide, but also because of the competitive rates we offer if you want to buy gold, which we currently only offer in gold bullions. Other forms of gold, such as jewellery or coins, are not available because we are affirmative on recycling all the gold we receive by melting it and clearing the impurities out of it to attain the purest gold. If you are someone who possess scraps of jewellery or someone who own old gold coins or bullions, and you would want to earn a little bit of extra cash on the useless gold sitting in your drawers, you can avail our sell gold Melbourne services.

As of the news these days, gold prices in the wholesale market are competitive enough to sell gold jewellery and other items and earn the amount of cash you may not be able to obtain in the coming years. With our gold buyers, you will be relieved to find that you have wholesale rate at your disposal. Just call up on our number to schedule an appointment, and if you live in Melbourne, we could dispatch our cash for gold Melbourne services to your apartment, which will check your gold at the spot, and pay you immediately. If you want to drop by at our offices for a further analysis of rates, our staff will willingly provide you all the information you will need to make an informed choice.
Furthermore, you can sell gold to our cash for gold services at rates that are explicit in dollars per karat or gram. This way, if you know your gold weights, you can safely assume the price it is worth, and deal it in the market at fair prices for yourself!
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