What you need to do to have a good prince2 foundation scores

The foundation of anything is always one very critical and challenging stage that requires careful handling and also a focused approach to get the best out of it. The prince2 foundation is certainly no exception as it requires the application of almost the same principles that are universally accepted as principles of success. Taking this exam, however, requires a careful and smart approach so as not to end up wasting your precious cash and time.

The foundational exam of the Prince course is one that can be very easy if the right steps are taken, time shall be taken in this write up to highlight some proven ways to achieve success both in the course of the program and also the exam proper
When you are about to write the examination, have it in mind that you have an average of about 50 seconds for each question and as such, be quick to go to the next question if the one you are on is proving a hard nut to crack, you certainly can always come back to the question at a later time when you have sorted out the easier ones.
Be smart enough to attempt all questions, although you may not be conversant with all the questions on offer, you still stand a good chance of getting extra scores by attempting all the questions, after all, there is no penalty for attempting and failing any question.
Always remember to put your answer on your answer sheet before going. Don’t wait till the end before doing this, a delay could certainly be dangerous.
Trust your instincts: it is often time said that the first response may be the best response, hence always stick to your first choice answer as this may certainly be the right answer. Besides, chances are higher that you would fail it by gambling.

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