What you need for a diy candy machine

With wengie simple steps to make you own diy candy dispenser, you can have lots of fun making a candy dispenser and using one around the house, in a party, or just for your own personal treat. Having fun with your candy dispenser just got better, and then you don’t have to purchase one anymore. Learning how to make a diy candy machine is not complicated, but you would be having your own candy machine is some simple easy steps. Here are the things you would need to make ready.

For beautiful diy candy dispenser, you would start with getting some cardboard. You would basically need three pieces of these cardboards, but then ensure that one of the cardboards is large enough to go around the jar cover, leave only one side of it. Next you would have to get the jar, which you would be using. Nutella jars are quite po pular so that would do, but if you can’t get that, any other one is still fine. The other smaller cardboard are used to demarcate between the part that stores the candy and the push mechanism that releases the candy to anyone that need it.

Spray up your card boards to the color you want and fold it into three parts then use the folded cardboard to wrap the jar lid. After that, take up the smaller cardboard and slid the skewer in between the cardboard with the spring on it. Cut out the two ends of the skewer to have just a little bit of it protruding out, and then you use the hot gum to glue it in place. Place this as a lid over the folded cardboard and place the jar on top of it. You can now get a candy sticker and place on the push button for your own customization. This makes your diy candy machine.

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