What You Must Know About Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is world-well-known for its mild taste and absence of bitterness. The name “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee” is a globally-safeguarded certification granted by Jamaica’s Coffee Market Board for coffees originating in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain area, between Port Antonio on the north and Kingston on the south. The all-inclusive Jamaica blue mountain raises 750 toes over the sea and is among the greatest mountains in the Caribbean location. The Blue Mountains are vertiginous and magnificent, with slim roads clinging to the mountain sides and snaking through valleys cut by rushing streams. Looking across the valleys it is simple to to identify coffee estates dotting the reverse mountain sides. A few of these are but an acre or two in dimension; some twenty or thirty acres; but this is primarily an region of small coffee growers who lovingly tend their plots – about 6,000 of them in the eastern section of Jamaica, which lies above 1,50 toes elevation.

The location environment includes a high rainfall and is misty and awesome, with wealthy soils I Deal for developing coffee. Because of the misty haze which shrouds the mountains (and provides them their blue look), shade trees aren’t required in this region, so the coffee can ripen gradually and totally create its distinctive flavor qualities. The yields aren’t really high (about 5 – 6-0 kilos per-acre) as well as the mountain sides where the coffee is developed are extremely steep, so tending the coffee crops and harvesting the beans is really hard. Moreover, in years when there are serious hurricanes the harvest plummets. Larger growers have their own pulperies (and process their smaller neighbor’s coffee beans) to eliminate the red “cherry” good fresh fruit from the coffee beans; and also the beans are then shipped to big coffee mills near Jamaica blue mountain for sun-drying and finishing in large mechanical driers fired with timber.

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