What Is the Best Beard Comb for You?

In 2014, after catching a snag in my Beard hair with my cheap plastic comb, I took a visit to my neighborhood shop to discover a substitute beardoholic comb. This time I had been on the search for something a bit more dependable that would not feel like it had been going to moan, bend, or break whenever I ran the comb through my hair.

In my search for the Best Beard comb, all I found was carbon copies of the comb I’d just snapped. Frustrated with all the uninspiring choice, I understood that there was a better approach to comb my hair and beard, and with this the ManCave UAE vision began.

Although hair combs and hair brushes have been around for more years than anyone can recall, the substance and contours have stayed comparatively unchanged – cheap, brittle, and vulnerable to easy breakage. In ManCave UAE we have begun to feel that, with more threatening choice of substances and vastly tasteful design methods, we could take present grooming tools and make beautiful and practical tools for the contemporary man.

What started out as a Sunday day visit to the shop finilose with an idea that would shortly develop into a fulltime fire that we’re currently sharing with the entire world?

What I found after the excursion to the shop is that these normal plastic shop combs create static power which can harm your hair, particularly during winter once the air is quite dry. Frequently these combs will provide off a tingling sensation (static power) and makes damaged hair a lot easier to break – that needed to change.

Selecting our primary raw substances to craft our combs from has been a simple option. Wood obviously generates less static power than vinyl, has immense structural power, and contains aesthetic demonstration value much beyond even the best plastic combs. We’ve developed our combs and brushes by many of top quality raw timber materials detailed below.
Our most popular wood substance for our beardoholic comb, sandalwood offers a quite wealthy, conspicuous Sandalwood scent. This isn’t something which we add; it is the pure odor of the timber and a fantastic additional benefit. Not merely does sandalwood smell good, but additionally, it contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties because of the natural existence of Sandalwood essential oil. People who suffer with skin psoriasis which generally reveals itself in the shape of skin that is inflamed, beard itching, or hair thinning may gain from sandalwood.

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