What is a Cover Letter written by professional cover letter writers

A cover letter is an additional information document that is attached to your resume to give information on your skills and experience in an effective manner. This doesn’t contain exactly what’s on your resume or CV but instead, contain specific information on how you are the strongest match the company wants to be based on their requirement. Employers use a cover letter to check what exactly you can give them with your skill set and expertise, and they use this to call you for the interview.

A cover letter should not duplicate what is already on your resume/CV, it should be used a briefing of what your resume says and to add a personal touch toward the employment through your application. This can include specific information on how you will be the perfect match for the job by describing your previous job experiences which can help in meeting the company’s need. There is a huge stack of resume and CV on the manager’s desk and they remove out most of the applications just on that fact that the applicant didn’t specify exactly how the applicant will use his potential for their company. Therefore, there is need to have a strong letter which can give an edge over others, and have a higher chance of getting a job. Therefore, one must invest time in making a cover letter to not miss the opportunity just because of the wrong presentation and not specifying on your stronger side which can be an eye catcher for the company.

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