What happens when your phone encounters err_name_not_resolved?

A phone plays a critical role in everyday living. People use it to communicate through various methods such as messaging or calling. You can use it to browse the internet and play games among other functions. A very high percentage of people across the globe own a mobile phone. Most people check for their mobile phone before leaving their homes every morning. Encountering an err_name_not_resolved problem on your phone needs a solution as a matter of urgency. This helps to ensure that you continue using your phone. There are various possible causes of the error resulting from maybe restored data on your phone. Others emanate from firmware update, which fails to function properly. It may also be because of updating your phone to the latest android software in the market. It is important that you find out the exact cause of err name not resolved error on your phone to enable you find a workable solution.

Ensure to save your data before you begin the process

The first step involves you backing up your data before proceeding to fix the error. You have a chance to use the toolkit on your phone to guide you through the back up process. This will ensure that you are able to restore all the information stored on your phone. Ensure that you pick out all the important details such as photos and contacts. The beauty about the toolkit is that it gives you a chance to pick the data that you want to save. You can discard the rest of the data then proceed to fixing the error. You can try the clear cache method detailed on the internet to fix err-name-not-resolved problem. Try other options as well before resulting to the final option that entails doing a factory reset. Saving data ensures that you have your information safe for use.

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