What are Boruto episodes all about?

hinata and Naruto uzumaki has their first child and they name them Boruto. as his parents live close to his child hood friends Boruto episode usually know all parents as well.Boruto usually perform rasengan but most of the time fail as she was not able to grasp. As the naruto was inaugurated the seven hokage. His sister wants to bring her panda toy to the party.But Boruto was in great fear that he will only end up crying he tried to take away the toys from her but failed to do so. He had a fear that if he attacks her sisters’ toys what his father would do to him.
Personality of Boruto
Boruto is loud stubborn, and energetic, as compared to his father’s age he was more innovative he was more mature and know how the worlds work. Boruto was actually very studious Boruto family was also there for him and his friends too. His acquisitions came easily to him of prodigious talents only because of these reasons has high opinions and can freely explore his ability.
Boruto loves his mother and his sister very much. He loves his friends very much. He came to see denki when he got hurt which shows how mature he was. he avoid back belching and tries not to talk behind his back he completely tries to avoid all these talks and try not to be the part of it.
He tried not to hurt anybody both his parents says that he resemble sasuke and naruto when they were young. He has the characteristics of both of them as he has naruto mischievous habit to attract sasuke attention, And he desires to power even by using shortcuts. He was very polite and try to take care of his family. Boruto shared a complicated relationship with Sasukes daughter Sarada .

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