Water sanitation and hygiene issues

Water sanitation and hygiene is quite a problem in the less developed and developing countries where the standard of life is not as high as the first world. This difference occurs from the level of funding, education and awareness. Basically, it is the over-all economic situation of the state or the part of the world under scrutiny. Things are bleak in the developing world as a whole but the African states are worst hit because of the economic condition that they are suffering from. The international institutions are doing a big chunk of the work in the field of town planning and sanitation and quite an amount is flowing into the African States from the international institutions as well as from wealthy countries like The United States and others. While the efforts are underway, the donors and the workers are facing many problems in these countries.

One of the biggest hurdles in the field of water sanitation and hygienecomes from the administrative systems in the receiving state. While the donors only send money and approve of certain programs the actual executions of these programs is in the hands of the receiving countries. Poor administration and centralized systems make it difficult for the international workers to operate freely. Corruption and institutional red tape is also a problem. Political will of the receivers and the political situation of the country is also a huge problem. In many underdeveloped states, the political situation is in flux and because of the ability of the international institutions to work freely is greatly and adversely affected! Peace and political harmony go a long way in creating an environment that is conducive to successful completion of projects and when this is missing things can go wrong easily and donations may not translate into expected achievements. This is by far the biggest hurdle when it comes to the third world!

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