Want to see real Melaka – home stay and be our guest

Melaka is a Malaysian state which is around two hours from KaulaLumpur. In ancient times, Melaka was an important trading port of South east Asia. Melaka got listed in World Heritage Site by Unesco in the year 2008. Besides its ancient architecture, Melaka offers great experience to tourists in term of its beautiful beaches, farmlands, trishaws. Tourists come from all over the world to visit this beautiful state.

Tourism being the second largest industry in Malaysia gets lots of attention from the government. Various program has been launched by government in order to attract more tourist. Homestay was one such program which was launched by government to promote rural tourism. Under this Melaka Homestay, tourists instead of staying in hotels stays with Malaysian family. Besides being cost effective, homestay gives tourist a better understanding of the rich culture of the state. In Homestay in Melaka Homestay di Melaka the tourist as treated as guests and the family becomes the host. Family takes care of all the needs of the tourist. Moreover, sometimes member of the family act as a guide for the tourists and take them to various hidden local destinations which are not listed on the traveling site.

Melaka Homestay gives tourist a unique experience as beside visiting various places, guests get the opportunity to cook, eat and getting involved in various local activities. With passage of time homestay concept has become very popular among the tourists. Now the booking for homestay can be done online. There are number of options available for homestay. After comparing facilities provided by various homestay, tourist can select the best homestay.
Gone are the days where visiting a country meant staying in hotel and going to popular destinations, now the concept has widened and through homestay tourist can even live the life of citizens of that country.

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