Views Make You Popular

There was a time when talent used to lurk at every corner, timidly seeking out opportunities to display itself. With the advent of the era of the internet, such opportunities came to the surface in great numbers. Web sites like YouTube are a perfect example of how making yourself heard. Upload a video, throw in some money, buy YouTube views, and behold! You are one of the most popular people on earth in the shortest time possible.

There is a famous saying ‘Old is Gold’. This saying defines human psychology. New videos uploaded on YouTube are not a target of interest as much as those which have already been viewed by a thousand viewers, and which have been commented upon generously. People tend to watch the hot favorites. In a place like this, the beginners have to struggle their way to the top. However, this idea to buy YouTube views instead of waiting for them to build up does speed things up.

There are people who have uploaded videos for promotion of business. Then there are those who upload videos for awareness. Others have laughter to share or news to disclose. There are sites like which lend a helping hand to all those who wish their videos become popular in shorter time. They increase views by buying them, and their videos become a source of attraction. The likes of the site already mentioned deliver the views within a day or two, and explicitly state the entire process to be legal.

This idea is simply a manipulation of the human mind. After all, on a site where there are trillions of options available, everyone goes for the famous gossip, rather than creating new ones. Waiting in this world is now an option, not a compulsion, to be disregarded at one’s will.

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