Various types of Cactus temporary tattoo

Tattoos are a type of designs or patterns on the skin. They can either permanent or temporary. Some tattoos artists offer tattoo making services to interested clients. The latest cactus temporary tattoo are fun to put and look cute. They are dark green color with black outline. These are for temporary use.

Types of cactus tattoos
• Basic cactus tattoo: This is a normal prickly pear cactus. Here a pear is a fruit. They are comparably small in size to the rest of the types.
• The neo-traditional type: This the traditional type of tattoo showing a desert background. This temporary cactus tattoo is nothing less than spectacular.
• An ankle tattoo: This cactus temporary tattoo has its roots in Mexico. Its effect is same as a magic mushroom or LSD.It has been for religious propose. These are done on ankles.
• Sprawling thigh piece: Here a Spanish style flower pot is used to depict cactus with an ice plant. Tiny flowers are shown grown on them.
• Cacti on both hands: These are a pair of tattoos on both hands. They look cute and are matching small cactus temporary tattoos.
• Lowly tattoo: This can be seen on one leg. It has leaves and spines with no flowers. It looks cool.
• State tattoo: It describes the whole desert scenery. It includes mountains in the background, with two cactus designs in the front.

One may find a good number of tattoo artists who may help in getting a cactus temporary tattoo done. Their costs may differ as per their quality. These can be removed easily in a few days time. They are not as painful as in the case of getting a permanent one. They look cool and funny. They can be put while going to a party or a function and later on removed. They are one of the most attractive tattoos found.

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