Types of steroids and its functions

In the human’s medicine and physiology, the most important drug is steroids hormones, metabolites, cholesterol, and their procedure. Many of the drugs are controlling the number of metabolic process of body and active the hormones of the body. These drugs have a basic skeleton consisting which is used in the interconnected carbon rings. Different drugshave different functions. Where some drugs are used to boost muscle mass others can be used to reduce swellings, pain, etc.

Types of steroid and its functions
• Anabolic drug- these drugs are natural and a synthetic hormone which increases the growth of muscles tissue and promotes the growth cell or bone size or strength. These drugs are work by binding with the cytoplasm. These drugs are used for the fat-free weight gain; increase the muscles fiber area with the strength program.
• Corticosteroids- corticosteroidcomes in the group of anti-inflammatory drugs. These have the class of steroid hormones increase the adrenal gland. These drugs involve a big range of a physiologies system. This drug increases the oxygenin the body, so the body wants the perfect functions. This drug is divided into two classes’ mineral corticoids and glucocorticoids.
• Prohormones- the prohormones have a natural substance which is in the human gland. These drugs are increases the potent hormone and metabolic system. These are increases the anabolic hormones with the help of enzyme in the liver.
• Testosterone- the adrenal gland and testes produce the testosterone. Testosterones are most important for the male’s sex hormones. This is a responsible for the muscles and bones growth. Hormones are most required for the increase the muscles mass.

• Estrogen- it develops the menstruation in women and secondary sexual characteristics. It is very important for the normal brain function and nerves cells. It is even necessary for the development of brain cells and health too
There are some important steroid and functions which is important for health development.

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