Tumeric benefits in India and the entire Middle East

Indian cuisine delights and housewives opt for turmeric root. This ingredient, along with curry, is perhaps the most famous condiment of all its dishes, which has earned it the nickname of “the queen of the kitchen”. However, turmeric is not only an ingredient used to prepare food. For that reason, there are Tumeric benefits that not everyone knows.To all these, it is worth mentioning that turmeric is a family of ginger – another root of medicinal uses. Known as Termeric, this perennial grows between 60 and 90 centimeters, with tufted leaves. Its cultivation is exclusive to India, China, and Indonesia, but it is exported worldwide for its wide popularity and use.

As far as medicine is concerned, one of the Tumeric benefits is its utility in indigestion, flatulence and stomach inflammations. It serves as co-helper for poor circulation and as an expectorant for a cough, amenorrhea, and pharyngitis. So too, against a toothache and chest pain; problems in the blood, skin and as an alternative medicine for diabetes, anemia, and arthritis.Of course, the Tumeric benefits are not a coincidence, but a blessing. What happens with turmeric, is that its poultices act on the metabolic and nutritional imbalances while acting as a natural antibiotic and antibacterial. As for the red and white blood cells, it helps to purify them and creates new blood tissue.
The recommended dose of turmeric per person is 400 to 600 milligrams two or three times a day. Over there is not recommended, because an overdose can trigger conditions such as hepatitis and gallstones.According to its chemical constitution, Tumeric benefits are associated with its molecular components, such as the rhizome, proteins, minerals, and essential oils, as well as vitamins and alkaloids, as well as the dose of resin it contains – approximately 1%-.The list could go on and on, just like the consumption of turmeric, which will continue to spread and be approved by doctors around the world, becoming the queen of the kitchen of many families in the Western Continent.

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