Tips to buy a server

Server is a most common networking equipment essential to run the network. There are so many servers available in the market and to choose one server it’s difficult. So we will see a few tips which will surely help you to buy a server

● Pic a snug fit
There are so many servers according to the needs and importance. Before you are going to buy you have to decide for what purpose you are going to buy the server. If you are going to buy a server just for small office to share the information, then you can take a wireless hard drive to share files.

● Price –
Price range decision in mind really helps to zero the choice. Servers range start from $500 to $5000. Price depends on the server which you are going to buy. If you want only for transfer of files printer files with backup capability will serve your purpose. Buying a cheap managed dedicated server is the wisest choice you can make while starting your business from the ground.

● Knowledge about day-to-day operation-
Have basic knowledge about day-to-day technology which is very important and helpful. If you have this knowledge, then to understand several server types like Lenovo ThinkServer TS200v. It starts from $299 and can go up to $1000.

● Make sure that server can take heat-
We know that continuous desktop use can make it hot though there is an internal fan running. The server you select need to be resilient to heat as you want it stay alive even when it’s run 24/7.

● Pick a provider who specializes in small business server-
Dell is good in this budget range. They provide a very good customer service for local file servers. Don’t go a very cheap managed dedicated server just for the discount as you might end up paying more for service and parts replacement.

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