Tips For Getting Legend Rank For The First Time

Hi all, Taco Rocco here. Here is the first article I have written for the site, so allow me to know what you guys think of some of the information! Now I’m going to give you a number of methods for getting Legend position if you’re fighting to make it all of the way and get this highly coveted card back again.

Hitting Legend Rank Will Require Time

First of all, I want to start off by stating that hitting Legend position isn’t as ‘hard’ as you may think. Why is it ‘hard’ is that it’s time-consuming. Going from position 25 to position 5 is normally pretty fast, this is largely because you’re facing lower ability or casual players. Another reason why it’s so fast is that you get bonus stars for win streaks, letting you blast through some rankings if you get lucky. However, as soon as you hit position 5, you may no longer get bonus stars for win streaks and you’ll typically be paired with players who know how to play the game nicely. As soon as I struck Legend position for the very first time, it took me roughly 40-50games to go from position 15 to 5, then about 200-300 games to go from position 5 to Legend.

Keep Track of Your Win Rate

It’s essential to keep track of your deck triumph rate and what its best/worst match ups will be. I propose using Hearthstone Deck Tracker, it’s an incredible program that monitors your wins/loses automatically and also provides you some other awesome tools even though you’re in game like an overlay that shows what cards you’ve left on your deck. If you’re not able to utilize hearthstone top decks , I still recommend that you monitor your win speed manually by listing wins/loses in apps like Excel or Word or onto good ol’ pencil and paper. But you decide to monitor your success rate, ensure that you keep up onto it.


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