Tips and trick how to protect your data in file locker:

What data protect in the file locker is the important things. Mostly users face this issue when the users on their internet connection. They are facing many hacking, viruses and face those visitors who are trying to steal their data. For this many tricks and technique is used by the people.

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A simple way to apply the lock on the data is that to apply coding in the notepad which is easily available in the operating system features. In this you find a .bat file which is already unlocked by a password, you should apply password which is posted into the coding and then save the .bat file by the file or name locker when you click on the .bat file the locker will generate automatically. Now you can apply the lock to your data, and no one can dare to steal your data. After this, all process closes the folder. Through this setting, the data of your easily hide because a password has locked it.
But having one problem, these days many clever hackers can unlock your password and can steal your data. They always used different tricks to open the password. So they also can steal your data, and it is very easy to hack the .bat file, it is possible to break the .bat file.

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Another way to securing the important files, videos, images and office document is data protecting software. If you use the advance encryption, so you can protect your file quickly. It means no hacker can hack your personal data. Even the hacker will try to steal your data; no viruses can affect your personal files and office documents.
Last thought:
If you choose these advanced encryption file locker, it always protects your data and your software. You can also use many techniques to protect your personal data which can protect your software and create no viruses.

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