Thousands of followers count on their YouTube channel

Born Tyler Steinkamp, graduated in computer science what started as a hobby and to pass the time became his career and is dedicated exclusively to be an elite player of League of Legends, his name in the game or avatar is, and stands out in the networks and with your YouTube channel, despite being a famous character and high exposure in the media has managed to keep the personal information of his family and his childhood, the only thing that has transcended is that he has a brother who is also a professional player but at a lower level. The relevance of begins to gain more notoriety the game League of Legends the career of Tyler takes off, his YouTube channel that had started in 2014 takes two years to take off and it is not until 2016 when he publishes the first video that catapults him to the incredible sum of millions of followers, not because of his impressive performance in the game as much as his toxic behavior shown in networks that makes him get more and more likes especially when he makes racist comments, sweats,and screams while playing, his followers see a and again the videos which add figures to his followers and his fortune.

As well as it obtains followers it also generates rejection in the community of social networks in which it acts but without distinction any sight one of its videos either to love it or to hate it does not do but increase its popularity and bank account. He has discovered that scathing and disrespectful comments attract people and he is not afraid to take advantage of it. Due to his behavior he ended up being suspended from the game, although recently he announced through Twitter that the veto had been lifted and that he could play again, hundreds of people celebrated his return but this was conditioned to spend a month avoiding the rudeness, the racist comments and transgressive behaviors during their online appearances. It remains to be seen if there are changes in the behavior of

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