The Mesh Laundry Bag Sizing Guide

Mesh Laundry bags are perfect for protecting your team uniforms from getting ruined, sorting laundry things and keeping small sporting things. But, locating the right dimensions for your requirements can be vexing when confronted with the amount of sizing choices available.
This guide breaks down the various sizing options, characteristics of every dimension, and the way to ascertain the kind of laundry bag that’s ideal for your requirements.

Various Sizes of Mesh Laundry Bags
Here are the four primary sizing options available via Texon:
20″ x 30″ Mesh Laundry Bags
The20″ x 30″ bag is the standard dimensions for our net bags. These bags are big enough to match most things, while still being small enough to fit in the wash. This mesh bag is a superb advantage for hotels, fitness centers, and sports clubs.
15″ x 19″ Mesh Laundry Bags
If you have ever mixed up little things which are part of a pair, then the15″ x 19″ bag is the best size bag to maintain these things together. For instance, if you’re bathing soccer pads or helmet cubes you are able to keep them together in a single 15″ x 19″ bag.
18″ x 24″ Mesh Laundry Bags
Comparable to this 15″ x 19″ sized bag, the18″ x 24″ bag is good for storing things together. The bag also includes hanging loops, which makes it effortless to line dry your equipment by handily hanging it.
24″ x 36″ Mesh Laundry Bags
This is the biggest of our net bags. It holds up to 26 pounds of laundry (two months of laundry) which makes it an perfect choice for carrying laundry a couple of times every month. It is ideal for industrial laundry services and athletic teams.

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