The evolution of our lifestyle and oral health

We have become unrecognizable
Over the years, humanity has evolved into what can only be termed unidentifiable from where it once used to be hundreds of years ago. Nothing is the same anymore; our lifestyle, our governments, our borders, our economies, our hobbies have all changed and jumped dramatically to new heights.

These heights can literally be seen in the places we live and work in as our buildings now challenge the sky and rise above the clouds diminishing everything else in comparison. Our technology is a manmade marvel as it is now possible to do things that in a certain era might have only been imagined to be possible by magic or supernatural powers. We can sit at home and look at our friends sitting thousands of miles away and speak to them. We can accomplish any task without ever leaving our homes by simply taking out our smart phones and pressing a few buttons on the LED screens. Our culture and our lifestyle have assimilated and we are starting to become one big global village rather than isolated groups of communities. The whole world is starting to come together and becoming smaller and we are truly moving towards what can only be called a one world idea.

Charcoal toothpaste- using the future to look back into the past
Our futuristic mindsets and lifestyle however has also enabled us to do something we couldn’t normally do in the past. We have used our futuristic outlook to look back into the past and learn from history. We have learned a lot of things from our forefathers and tried to improve our lifestyle for ourselves and our children. Charcoal for example was a popular ingredient in the toothpaste for the ancient civilizations including the Romans and was even a key ingredient of homemade toothpaste till the late 19th century. We are now revisiting this idea and charcoal based oral health products, such as toothbrushes that use activated charcoal, are now becoming popular with every passing day.

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