Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Cheats And Tips

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based role-playing game from EA Capital Games. It allows you to produce your personal squad, participate in Dark or Light side conflicts, train squad members and equip them with pieces that are specific to produce them more powerful. The game does not have any story style. Well, lovers need programmers and no story are well aware of this.

The game centers around just fight and battle. However there is another attribute that can bring players, notably Star Wars enthusiasts — tons of these, Characters. Old and new. Mythical and lesser known heroes/villains. There are a lot of characters that are playable, each having its exceptional assault style as well as skill and gathering them all are going to take days, even months. Leveling up will unlock additional content, which is just another reason for playing with this game.

star wars galaxy of heroes cheats gameplay is much the same to EA’s legendary squad-based strategy RPG called Heroes of Dragon Age. There is Squad Cantina Conflicts an interesting PvP squad stadium style, Challenges, Occasions and Galactic War. But to get them, you’ll need to play with more conflicts and win them. Strategies and these quick tips can help you unlock characters, earn more rewards and conquer enemy squads.

1. Training Your Characters Not Only Degrees Them Up But Also Fosters Your Squad Power
Training droids after ending a conflict which you get are employed to level your characters up. After each battle, your squad members should be trained by you. There are one-star, two star, even three star training droids. The more amount of stars a training droid has, the more XP it will supply to a character.

Training a squad member improves his attributes (Strength, Agility and Intelligence) and raises his PWR or power. Keep training all characters in your squad to raise PWR and their amount. This will even increase your squad power that is total. The squad power number that is total is the joined PWR of all members in your squad.

Squad power plays a vital part in winning battles against players in Squad Stadium. When picking an adversary in the stadium, look for lower level, lower Squad PWR competitors. Fighting with such players will provide you with an advantage in a conflict and also you are even allowed to win it. But before that ensure you continue leveling /increasing a character’s PWR up and equipping tools to all or any squad members to get your squad more powerful.

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