Skates and its use in different sport

For any ice skating sports, skates are the most important tool. Skates have different stiffness, and quality also varies, depending on the type of skates. Advanced and intermediate skaters are stiffer, and quality is also better than the beginner, which are less stiff. Even the price of the skaters also varies depending on the materials used.

Ice skates and its function
• Edea and Garf skates are the types of skates. Edea skates are popularly used for Olympic champions and other prestigious competitions.
• Speed skating is also known as racing skates. Speed skating which has a completely flat bottom.
• Touring skates has long radius belts. Which is bonded to the aluminiumbelts? On the top of the foot plate, a specific type of boot is mounted.
• Bindings are there in both toe and heels. For marathon speed skating uses ice skates, for long distance skating.

Shape and size of different ice skates
• In early years most skates are of wooden a plate which is attached to the boot with leather straps.
• Sometimes some skates resemble with figure skates or hockey skates known as recreational skate. Inline skates resemble recreational skates.
• It has moulded plastic boots. This can be rented from ice rinks. The modern skates for ice are steel blade with a sharpened edge is being used. In Britain, ice skating is brought by Netherland.
• The new sport which is being introduced to the aristocracy of British. Then there is adouble runner who is also known as twin blade skates.
• Especially children these kinds of skates are saved as it provides balance and stability to the children.
• A beginner takes the help of recreational rinks. Figure skates are those skates, which are used for figure skates. The boots are made up of layers of leather.

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