Sick and tired of your size? Girth enhancement techniques are a lifesaver!

If you are going through this post, then you must have heard it from your girl that your size is small. And even if you have realised it on your own, you must be very insecure about your girth. Want to do something about it but confused as to what to do? This piece of information will guide you. Keep on reading to know more about Girth Enhancement.

Everything comes down to two factors:
1. Your budget
2. Do you want a permanent solution or a temporary solution?
Some of the temporary ways of girth enhancement
• Vacuum pumps
These are devices which use the concept of vacuum to increase your girth temporarily. There is an aperture at one end and a pump at the other end. On pumping, a vacuum is created which increases the flow of blood for some time and this, in turn, increases the girth of the penis.
• Cock rings
These are ring-like structures which are worn around the penis. While the penis is erect, the ring restricts the flow of blood through the penis. Thus, it increases the girth as well as the length.
• Gels and oils
There are many gels and oils that are available in the market which on being applied, increases the blood circulation and stimulates the cells of the penis.
Some of the permanent ways of girth enhancement
The very fact that you have to prepare your penis for sex kills your excitement. So all of the above methods do not give you satisfaction. Here are some of the surgeries that you can go through, to increase your girth.
• Fat filling surgery
This is an expensive surgery, and only plastic surgeons can perform this. Fat is taken from your abdomen or your armpit, and then these facts are grafted below the foreskin of your penis. This grafted fat increases the girth of your penis. It is not 100% successful. In some cases, fats get absorbed and dissolve. Sometimes fat also tends to accumulate in a particular place which gives an awkward shape to the penis.

• Androfilling
This technique has flooded the market. Silicones are used as fillers. Fillers are substances that are grafted into the void area of your penis. This makes it look wide and long. According to research, silicone causes cancer, but when injected in a small amount, it does not harm your body. It is one of the best ways for girth enhancement.
It’s better late than never. Find out the best solution for yourself and go for it. There is nothing like having a big and wide cock. Good luck!

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