Potty training toddler and useful tips associated with it

The most difficult task in parenting is to train your toddler for potty. The right time to start potty training toddler (zindelijkheidstraining peuter) is when he or she starts to walk. It is essential to teach your toddler at a very young age as it becomes very embarrassing when going to friends or a relative’s house.

Useful points to remember:

• When to start it: one can start potty training toddler when he is willing, interested and physically able. He must be at least 18 months old or able to stand and walk on his own.

• Watch and learn: Some toddlers learn quickly by just watching his parents use the restroom. Then you can explain him the basic technique used for boys and girls.

• Purchasing the equipment: a child size potty is the best equipment for your toddler’s bowel movement. He may feel secure and may find it fun to do in a child-size potty. You can even buy an adapter seat for your toddler which you can fit on a regular toilet seat.

• Getting comfortable with potty: He has to get used to a potty. You can decorate it or color to make it look attractive. You can demonstrate with the help of his or her favorite toy. Make potty training toddler a fun activity.
• A training schedule: You need to make a schedule to potty train toddler. You need to fix up different timings to facilitate your toddler to suggest doing it.

• Sit first then stand: Many a times bowel movement comes along with urine. Hence it is advisable to make your toddler sit and do first and then teach him standing technique.

• Celebrate: Celebrate each time your toddler does potty. This way he will also enjoy doing it.
All parents have a tough time toppy training toddlers. But after a certain time they become quite comfortable with it.

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