More details about Canary Wharf restaurant

The Bothy is recognized as of the most renowned bar restaurant available in canary wharf. It is one among the latest addition to the very popular Drake and Morgan restaurant groups. This can be found at Canary Wharf where you can enjoy some of the medley of quirky cocktails and seasonal dishes under same roof. The venue is located very close to west India quay. This restaurant is very popular worldwide because it has the ability to cater ideal delicacies for any type of mood their customers have when they visit. There is a mixology of different types of classes on offer while providing spacious alfresco space for everyone to enjoy all dining with best quality food.

Enjoy your and dining at Canary Wharf
This restaurant is open for 7 days a week till midnight. Hence, people who would want to get away from their daily stressful life can visit this location at Canary Wharf and enjoy some of the best delicacies till 1 a.m. It has gained very high popularity because of the unique designs along with best quality food delivered for different types of moods of their customers. This restaurant has ideal space for various events such as for a date, to enjoy quality time with their friends, to organize an event with family etc. You can look over the online portal to find out the timings or book your table to have a good reservation when you plan to visit. There is no queue in most of times so that every customer will get their food delivered fast.
Visit Canary Wharf to enjoy your food
For people who get late from work, but still want to enjoy some good quality food with their loved ones, can consider visiting The Bothy at Canary Wharf. It has some of the best quality food and dining ambience along with the service that can make you come out of the stressful mood you are in. You will be able to enjoy the food irrespective of the stress that you have suffered the whole day and this is one of the best qualities of this restaurant.

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