Mobile Strike: Tips, Hints and Techniques

Mobile Strike is a totally free to play strategy game that focuses more on base-building than anything else.The first couple of days will be spent researching, construction and updating buildings and as soon as you’ve fortified your base, you are able to raid different players’ foundation, attack rebels and combine an alliance for rewards and glory.Game of War players may find gameplay very enjoyable and engaging.The military theme will attract military strategy game fans.Take a look at Mobile Strike Hack Toolwhich can allow you to build a solid foundation, protect it from enemy attacks and earn more rewards.

Occupy Resource Tiles to Get Materials

You’ll find resource tiles sprinkled all over the world map.Harness the map icon in the bottom-left corner of this display and search for source tiles.They don’t just give you additional resources but also offer you a chance to discover substances.The substances you will receive from a source tile can then be used to create weapons, body armor, helmets and accessories in the “Armory”.

Just be sure that a source tile is unoccupied to assemble materials and resources.But, there are opportunities of being immobilized by dug-in forces, so ensure that you ship the best parts to occupy and collect resources.Once your troops inhabit a funds tile they’ll start collecting resources and find stuff for you.As soon as they achieve their load capability, they will go back to base.

They target high-level source tiles to get innovative materials.Higher-level resource tiles possess a quicker drain speed, meaning troops could occupy, accumulate resources/materials fast and depart for their foundation before getting attacked by others.Simply speaking, the source and material collection will probably be quicker on high-level tiles than low level ones.

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