Lubricant for sex

Tired of that same old sex experience? Not having that pleasure? Getting unsatisfactory intercourse every time? Those days are gone after the invention of Lubricant. These small little packets or cans of spark up your sex life, give you a whole new experience.

Lubricants is basically liquid or gel, sometime founded in semi-liquid form used to reduce friction between body parts during sexual activities or an intercourse. Using this lubricant can give you a whole new experience, it enhances the pleasure felt during the intercourse

Why should we use them? If you body is all dried up, using lubricant can be very helpful as it moisturizes the body and make the intercourse pleasant. Without a lubricant having sex might be painful as friction might get generated when two body part rub against each other. This friction will can cause rashes and itching and in extreme condition it might cause bleeding and burn marks may appear.

Use of lubricant is highly recommended as it easy up the friction making two objects easily slip. Resulting in easy penetration, it even enhances the satisfaction gained from the whole intercourse.

There are many types of lubricants. These are divided with the help of base products which are used to make them. The common 4 are water-based, oil-based, silicon-based and hybrid-based lubricants.

People sometime also tend to prefer using household objects as a lubricant like butter, hand cream, vegetable oil, baby oil, petroleum, Vaseline etc Sometimes people also uses saliva as a lubricant, but it waterier rather than slippery and dries out quickly.

You need to think carefully which lubricant you want to use are some might contain harmful chemical which might cause unpleasant feel and infections. After Sex you don’t want yourself having a vagina or a pennies with rashes and marks all over it

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