Life hacks: Look slimmer instantly and easy

Keep up with a perfect body is what we all want. But that wanting to look in shape is not enough you really need to work on that with a constancy, which usually takes a lot of time, dedication and patience. But what if you have an important event or a date you waited for long and want to look a bit slimmer. There are simple life hacks and tricks that you can totally swear by to look slimmer version of you. Attest 3 to 4 pounds slimmer. Yes, you read that right 3 to 4 pounds slimmer if done right.

Life hacks to look slimmer instantly
• Wear dark colors: it is one of the most reliable life hack to look slimmer and works all the time and on any time of body. Specially black makes you look much narrow whereas whites, pastels, neon colors tend to make you look broader and plump at times
• Well, fitter cloths: this is a very important one. You should be care full while choosing the outfit and make sure it fits well with a way too baggy out fits might make you look fatter, and too tight tops might draw extra attention even on small bulges in your body. Hence a perfect fit is always recommended.
• Know your body type: we all have different body types and shapes, which we should keep in mind while choosing an out. This life hack is to a simple focus on the slimmest part of yourbody. And draw attention on the same. Like if you have pear shape body a cut dresses look flattering as its fits on the upper body and flares on the lower portion. If you have an hourglass shape body focus on a dress with elastic or belt on the waist to draw attention to its waist, etc.
Life hacks work to an extant DIY
Life hacks can make you look slimmer, but your attitude matters the most everyone likes a person who is confident, positive and happy. So when any life hacks done work put up a great smile and is confident about you as this always works.

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