It is wise to be versatile

Some people want to establish a nice living out of the simplest ways available to them and spending the life without any higher dreams. But for those to whom the absence of some bigger roles does hurt, it is a dish without spices and any taste. Thus it had been a dream of many of the richest celebrities of the world to dream high for the lives and pursue the same to become the masters of their own lives. Even at an early age some are able to understand the concepts of life that are really very harsh for the person to learn and apply in their own lives.

Some children from the very early age get to know about their career plans and try to form derivative plans towards the achievement of the same, and with one line of career becoming monotonous for them, they consider it extremely wise enough to add some more streams to their well-established careers. Thus becoming versatile in their career options mean that one can substitute the other in case of bad luck, one can derive the joys of multi-talented niche and knowledge and experience related to several lines of operation are known to them.

Some similar case has been noticed with some of the richest celebrities of the world like Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright, who besides being actresses are models as well. Wright has been a director, producer and screenwriter too for the better part of her career. All such diverse lines have enabled Emma to accumulate a celebrity net worth of $ 40 million and Wright to raise $ 12 million. Thus it is the contribution from all the sources that these celebrities have been able to make something rich out of their fortune and come out with flying colors.

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