Installwasapplus: amazing benefits of using whatsapp plus

Whatsapp plus has some great features which encourage people to use it. Though the official whatsapp is safe to use rather than the plus version the amazing features of the new app makes it more popular. The official whatsapp even update some of its features by inspired from this plus version. The advantages of using whatsapp plus are like:

Supports customization:
The plus version has over 700 themes and background images. Though whatsapp also has some of the theme options which you can download and use they are fewer numbers. The whatsapp plus themes can be searched by the version, names, time etc. You can even change the font size and color in the app. Also, the contact icon’s picture and size are changeable.
Installwasapplus better quality:
In the previous whatsapp the quality of high resolution media sometimes gets fade because whatsapp is not able to share big files. But in you can share big files without any change. This remains the quality of the media. The new whatsapp plus even allows editing the files before sharing. You can change the color of the file or write something into it etc.

More emoticons:
Though whatsapp has its own emoticons which are now easy to change the shades as well, in whatsapp plus there are many. In whatsapp plus along with its own emoticons there are Google hangouts emoticons too. Also whatsapp plus allows adding more emoticons by copy from another application.
Extra features:
Other than these the new whatsapp plus have some more great features such as more emoticons. whatsapp plus allows you to hide the last time you access the app. Also, you can hide your whatsapp profile picture from your contacts in this plus version. You can even select the audiences to see your status. The official whatsapp also providing these features nowadays.

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