Imitation Watch Market Worldwide, Online Replica Watches

Replicas watches of all kind are found online and on streets worldwide. Their price ranges from anywhere between 10% – 50% of the original price of genuine watches. Most of the replicas are supplied mainly from china these days. According to statistics, in 1995 the case of seizure of replicas watches were 18, and has grown to 572 in 2005. This shows how much growth has taken place in replica watches market. Due, to this counterfeiting, a loss of several billion dollars is suffered annually.

Online sites selling replica watches most of times show you one watch with certain qualities and features, but when you actually get one, they are no way a match to the displayed one leave apart the original one. Moreover, the review sites are mostly controlled by them by paying money and hence, again there is no guarantee that the reviews are genuine. They are also counterfeit as the watches are.

Again in online buying there always arise a question about the mode of payment. When you pay cash on delivery relying that you can first see the product and then pay. But you actually are in no mood to see the watch minutely and cannot even check all its features at that time and hence, Cash On Delivery is also no answer. On the manufacturer’s side, cash on delivery is convenient as payment cannot be stopped in case of some fraud or fault. They really get the money in hand. When we see about the other payment option, you can hardly do anything about credit card payment and third party payment sides. Buying replica watches is not legal in first place, so no legal complaint can be done in case of advance payment and for refund of payment.

Hence, risk is involved in buying replica watches too. click here to get more information Panerai Replica Watch.

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