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People who own a computer know that even a machine of very good quality and with the best system, or even the newest of all, always tend to present some errors that obviously the company that provides the service is not provided. However, they still exist and must be solved in order to have the optimum performance of the equipment.

One of those errors in the system has to do with the process and the use of 100% of the system and of the compressed memory. The total use of the compressed memory system causes the computer to run slowly. Added to this, this procedure is in charge of the administration of the RAM memory and of the compression of the files and folders of the computer and its use is generally summarized in small quantities. The use of 100% of the system indicates that there is something that is working over or that is producing an error in the system and compressed memory.

One of those problems that can harm the computer, making the use of your system and compressed memory high disk usage, maybe the activation of Superfresh, which is a service of the same Windows system whose purpose is to improve performance. However, at the time it presents an error, this Windows system begins to increase the use of the system and compressed memory, bringing it closer to 100%. Another problem could be the automatic pagination change, which places the Windows system to be the administrator of everything; likewise, it could bring problems when it is modified.

The solutions for this type of problems and many more, are found in https://www.scuttlenet.com/, page where all the ways to solve the errors that have to do with system and compressed memory are explained, up to high performance in a specific way, so that the user can easily solve the problems that your computer may have.

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