How to Purchase a Home BBQ Smoker

You would like to go beyond home grilling and start smoking your own barbecue ribs and chicken in your home. Now you need to determine which kind of smoker you need and exactly what you could purchase on your budget. There are various types of BBQ smokers available on the market with prices which range from under $100 to thousands of dollars or even more. So which types of smoker if you get? Well, it is dependent upon how serious you are and just how much money you can spend. Below are a few types of best electric smokers that will assist you making a determination.

Under $200
For under $200, you are likely considering getting a water vapor smoker or an easy charcoal smoker or an electric smoker. A water vapor smoker is a kind of smoker which uses charcoal and timber as the heat source in the base of the smoker. It’s upright and cylindrical in form so that it kind of resembles a bullet. There’s a container of water over the heat source in between the meat and the heat supply to offer a buffer. This way the meat is not heated directly. The meat is gradually heated in the water vapor which also supplies moisture to produce the meat tender. The water also functions as catch for the meat dirt to prevent flare ups. All water vapor smokers use wood that’s been soaked overnight. The timber is set on the heat source but does not actually burn. It is there to deliver a great smoky flavor into the meat.
Another kind of water vapor smoker uses electricity as a heating source. The electric BBQ smokers offer a more even heat than charcoal. The best electric smokers are a lot more convenient and less cluttered compared to charcoal, however you’ll require a supply of electricity to run it. If you’re remote, you’ll require a generator of some kind.

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