How Brands Can Partner With Instagram Influencers

The top Instagrammers are stars in their particular right with growing and several million followers. As I mentioned in my preceding place, if they’re showcasing fashion, food, or a certain lifestyle, Instagrammers are affecting a wide array of consumers particularly Millennials (almost half on Instagram are age 34 and below) and brands have taken notice.

Social media powerfully influences Millennials particularly on Instagram. In just a couple of years, Instagram has grown with more than 300 million to 500 million users using it each and every day. This photo-established medium provides an excellent chance for brands and top influencers to collaborate.
Research those influencers whose market fits your brand Instagrammers have become successful by amassing pictures and videos around their own specific specialty like food, health & health, travel, experience and trend. Find out more about the top ones that best represent your product or brand when trying to collaborate with foodie influencers .
Discover your marketing spend
The top Instagrammers are receiving $15K per post as well as in a few cases up to $25K per post. If this can be too rich for your budget, you might want to study those influencers having a reach of 100,000 — 500,000. That is still a good size audience as well as the fees will likely become more affordable in the $750 up to $3,000 range per post.
Decide on strategy and your goals
Whether you’re introducing a new product or trying to reach a brand new audience for your product that is present, you will need to determine the top strategy for your Instagram campaign and upfront what your targets are. This could include partnering with several or one Instagrammer at exactly the same time having alternative vital draw or a competition.
When Madewell decided to establish a Instagram campaign made to encourage the anniversary in their signature tote, they partnered with five trend influencers. The company additionally reposted the Instagrammers’ photographs, featuring them on their company website. The results reached more than a million consumers that were targeted.

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