Hire a Well-Experienced RI DUI Lawyer to Help You Win Your Case

The policies for enforcement in Rhode Island are very strong and especially to catch drivers who are driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol of 0.08% or more. The law enforcement officers make use of sobriety testing, and other techniques to get the evidence. It is important that you contact a skilled RI DUI lawyer to represent you, as there is a good chance that the lawyers can review the procedures used.
For example, the sobriety tests must be managed in a standardized way. If your attorney can confirm that the officer who arrested you deviated from the standards in any means, you might win your case.

Punishments for First Time Offenders
The First time offenders receive a minimal penalty for the offense in Rhode Island. The penalties include suspension of license for 12 months, up to 60 hours of community service, $500 highway assessment fee, must attend a course for alcohol treatment, fine of $100-$400, re-instatement fees for registration of vehicles and stringent insurance requirements. You can save thousands of dollars paying for the jail time and in fines by hiring an RI drunk driving lawyer for legal help and to handle your problem.
Higher Penalties to Suffer
The greater penalties for driving a car with 0.15% BAC or include $500 fine for a first offense and for the second offense it is 6 month jail and $1,000 fine for a subsequent offense. For the third offense, it is 3 years in jail.
The Attorneys of Law office of Daniel Griffin are well experienced in this field and effectively use their skills to defend many clients accused of DUI offenses. The Attorney Daniel Griffin effectively assists you to clash these charges as well as craft a lawful defense to eliminate your charges completely or reduce your charges. Hiring an Attorney is the best way to protect you.

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