GERES GmbH: bringing clean energy to your homes

Founded in 1965 by energy conglomerate magnate Norbert Wiemann, GERES group stands for development and utilisation of renewable sources of energy. With fossil fuels depleting faster than it’s being formed, coupled with a population boom and widespread energy crises in the developing countries, it is quite evident that mankind will have to come off the teat of petroleum and coal.

GERES Birkenfeld: highest quality, solid foundations
For those who did not grow to learn about global warming and energy crises, renewable energy resources have been an alternative source of power for quite some time now, although oil tycoons and governments catering to them don’t seem too interested in it. Compared to fossil fuels, these energy sources have quite a few advantages
• Reduced greenhouse gas effect: most people have accepted that global warming is an actual phenomenon and that greenhouse gases do exist and have harmful effects on the ecosystem. Using alternative fuels reduces the emissions of these gases greatly. GERES Wiemann studies show that with continued use of solar power, yearly emissions can be reduced by 0.2% compared to 6% as of now.
• Increased jobs: Infrastructure required to implement the renewable sources can create thousands of jobs related to the field.
• Improved public health: better life quality, fewer carcinogens.
• Independence in energy: imagine how freeing it would be if you could just buy a windmill and forget about paying electricity bills.
• Economical: although they come with a high initial cost of installation, subsequent maintenance is considerably less.

Save the planet: use the powers that do not run out!
You might have wondered at some point how the Arabs with their country-spanning deserts and virtually no fertile land, keep being the hub of all global activities, legal or otherwise. The answer is oil. As long as there is a need for fossil fuels, countries will have to depend on other countries rich in these resources, which will continue having a derogatory effect on their economy. GERES GmbH is working tirelessly towards a clean, green, oil-free future.

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