Game modes in minecraft games

It is the second best selling sandbox video game Minecraft with 121 million game sales as of February 2017 that it has established its domination over other games in the gaming world. But what has enabled Minecraft to rule over its competitors in the market is obviously a mystery that it has attracted such a huge traffic attention just in a matter of time. The marketing strategies could help in getting users to the website portals of the game, but could not help in keeping the customers interested for a long time. Thus these are some of the factors that have enabled Minecraft to go up with status in the gaming world:

1. Game modes
The availability of a variety of game play modes in the game has never bored the user for the monotonous activities in the game. After all being a simple construction game with 3-D blocks, it has never tortured the minds of the users for it has numerous game play modes such as Survival game play mode, Adventure game play mode, Spectator game play mode and Creative game play mode. Each and every game play mode relates to different user experience and different gaming rules. Thus it has ruled out the possibility of losing users due to boring game play.
2. Gaming servers

The Minecraft has ensured that it does not lose users due to lack of technological advancements for it has delegated its server lists to some portals. The best Minecraft Skyblock Servers has assisted the cause of Minecraft to establish servers that are highly reliable attracting a huge amount of data traffics by engaging numerous users from different regions of the world. Thus, Minecraft Pocket Servers make it possible for Minecraft to penetrate deep into the market and engage with users.
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