From where the story of Super Mario 64 begins

What you suppose to do in your spare time, do you watch television or play games? The choice depending on your interest! In the past years, many of the kids’ only use to play the video games, they are known to be the best partner of their spare time. But do you know what kind of video games they use to play, The Super Mario 64 a game which gains immense popularity just after its introduction in the gaming market?

This was not a game for kid’s even teens or adults also take a keen interest in this game. As the time passes several new things get added to this game. Several interesting levels and lots of challenging phases in the game started making it more amazing. But before knowing more about its interesting features let’s have a look at this game, from where its begin and what things make its best for playing.
Basically, when it was introduced in the world in the year 1996 it was a platform game published and developed by Nintendo. The Super Mario 64 game is the first game in which three-dimensional graphics were used. It was first released in Japan that is on June 23, 1996, and after that in North America, Australia, and Europe. More than eleven or twelve million copies sold at that time that’s why it was declared as the best selling game ever.

After seeking the great interest of the people for this game its developers enhanced the game Super Mario 64 and this time it is released in the year 2004 for the DS Nintendo. Now also it is there in the gaming market but in the other mode. Today, the funs of Mario 64 can play this game on the online platform with extreme benefits. At online it is available for free and a player can play this game 24 hours.

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