Football Tips – QPR Continue to Hold Leading Positions This Week

QPR may not be a strong team this season but they surely are the best if you consider their track record this far. A couple of their players have even made it to Nick Miller’s Team of this Week. QPR has been doing well thanks to midfielders Joey Barton and Matt Philips while experts are putting out football tips in favor of QPR for their upcoming matches.
QPR have managed to continue playing this season without attracting a lot of fanfare although they have consistent game plans. Bayern Munich has set more hearts racing this season, even though they are sitting at the top of the leader board now. Team game provides an essence of football and players at QPR have a few moments to themselves this season.

Matt Philips scored a magnificent goal in their last matchup while setting up another one for teammates to score. This exact game play has been helping them score more this season. Even though QPR may not be the most flamboyant team of this Championship, they are arguably good.
Wigan is a stiff competition and it is going to be a huge draw when both these giants take on each other. Football tips will be provided by the experts once the time comes. Wigan has potential even though they have been sitting at the bottom end of the leader board since the second quarter of the tournament.
They need to find team spirit again in order to qualify for further stages. Betting has started on the matches up for next week and QPR’s top draw table against Leicester this weekend is 3.45. Football tips for the other games this week are 2.12 for Bolton against Charlton, 1.9 for Leeds against Barnsley and 3.0 in favor of Burnley against Blackpool. This should be an exciting week.
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