Factors determining the choice of Stretcher bars

Stretcher Barsare the wooden framework on which an artist fastens a piece of canvas. They are used to construct a wooden stretcher. It helps in mounting a canvas. It comes in segments with interlocking corners that fit together like a puzzle. These can be made up of steel, the wood or any other metal. They act as a support for cotton or linen canvas is stretched.

Factors to consider while choosing a stretcher bar

• Construction: If you look at a stretcher bars closely you can notice that each bar is constructed differently. French stretcher bars use a miter joint used to adhere the corners, whereas some other type used a butt joint to adhere to the corners. Now days instead of interlocking these bars are joined by using glues and pins.

• Design: These bars need to have rounded corners. It allows the canvas weaver to roll his picture rather that snap over a sharp edge. A rounded edge also reduces surface friction.

• Purpose: The type of Stretcher bars that you use will depend up on your project. They are used for paintings, photographs, embroidery, etc. You need to choose a bar that makes your piece of work look more attractive and are decorative. It must be durable and long lasting.

• Material: You need to make use of good material stretcher bars if you want your picture to remain for the long term. They are mostly made up of wood or metal or a combination of both. The wood that you use must be durable and of good quality.

• Cost factor: One always makes purchase choice as per his budget. One must keep in mind that a high-quality, durable stretcher bars will cost more in comparison to all other types. One can compare a good number of products with its prices and then make a choice.

It is always advisable to buy good quality stretcher bars to make your piece of work look good.

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