Events and theme parties organized by the Foundation and the Tony Nobles family

Professor Nobles in his facet completely different from that of businessman and creator of medical devices had a great affinity with the theme of the superheroes of the different Marvel comics. After building his empire and amassing a great fortune, it became customary to organize parties annually with different themes supported by the entire committee of his Nobles Family Foundation.

It was common to see on Halloween nights the Sunset Beach Community Center transformed and adapted for a show based on the world of superheroes that appear in Marvel and DC Comics. A tradition that has been fulfilling for eighteen (18) years, where each year a new character is added who has appeared in the most recent films related to the theme. His passion for inventing and innovating led me to this too.
The event and the party are notable for having more than three thousand guests from all social classes, from children, babies, elderly people, adults, and adolescents are confused among the guests where most wear a costume of his favorite character. For attention, Tony Nobles dressed a group of volunteers from characters ranging from Loki, Captain America, Batman, The Winter Soldier, Thor and even Superman who distributed sweets and shared pictures with children present at the event.
Anthony nobles was very detail-oriented and did not skimp on expenses within his Foundation, which financed and supported the activities for children and families with few resources. He even made an event where he convinced a group of police to bring children in need of sweets and gifts.
When it came to achieving a smile in the children he did not care about the money he had to spend, once he told the wife “the problem is not the price, the smile on a child and the face of amazement, it’s worth every penny of the world”

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