Effective methods to Hack a facebook account:

Facebook hacking is completely feasible and practical nowadays. There are various ways pirater un compte facebook (to hack a Facebook account). Some of these techniques have been used by hackers for several years while some are newly invented. Before going into complex techniques, there are some easy to use techniques are also available, which are:

1. Guessing the password or social engineering
2. Hacking the primary e-mail id and then resetting the password
3. Hacking facebook password remotely
4. Facebook phishing attack
If some of these techniques failed, then comes some backdoor programs which have been used by experts. These techniques are as follows:
1. Brute force attack – Generally, computer sends your username and password requests to various facebook servers. So, in this technique, hacker tries to guess the password of a victim at a very high speed. This is most reliable method but sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t.
2. Trojan based facebook account hack – hacker sends a trojan virus to the victim. Once it enters the system, it will give you any information including passwords, files, any data, etc. The only challenge in this technique is to break the security system and enter into the system.
3. Package Analysis – Generally, information flows through the client and server in encrypted form. Packet scanner program will intercept, analyze and decrypt the information sent by victim to the facebook server.

4. Buffer Overflow – Hackers send some gigantic code and data that cannot be translated, to the facebook server. Sending this huge code to facebook server will make the to run a small query that will return username and password information.
5. Kali Linux – It is the most efficient but complicated method. It provides a number of tools to hack a facebook account.

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