Difference between e-cigarettes and vaporizers

E-cigarettes and vaporizers main aim of entering into the market was to be the substitute of cigarettes. But with new technologies vaporizers are trending up. E-cigarettes give you look as well as the feel of cigarettes making it the best alternative to smoking. But these days’ mods have become the fun option taking vapers to the next level. You can find best vape mod in the market.

E-cigarettes: They often five you look and feel of a normal cigarette. There are disposable as well as rechargeable E-cigarettes in the market. May go for the rechargeable ones as it can be used for a longer period but they don’t give the strong throat hit as disposable ones. They are quite easy to use. You can say e-cigarettes contain nicotine not tobacco and they produce vapors. Vaporizers can be higher on the pricey side. The similarities between E-cigarettes and vaporizers are they need e-liquid which when heated form vapors and they need charger to charge it from time to time.

Vaping: Vaping is quite better than e-cigarettes with its customized form. You can mix in any kind of e-liquids, refill the cartridges or replace accessories making it more customized than e-cigarettes. These are rechargeable and often give better throat hit. You can get them in better sizes and they are available all over the market. They have large cartridges holding up to large e-liquids and have better battery life so that you can use it all day long. You can also choose your own nicotine level you want. People who want better vapor cloud and throat hit can go for the best vape mod and box mod. These vape mods have lower nicotine level but higher VG juice. They can last long due it its tube shape and complicated set up. You can find best in the market reading all about it at e-cigarettepros.com/review/best-vape-mod-box-mod.

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