Coconut oil anti inflammatory is the most recommended to use at home

Among the countless advantages of coconut oil, is one that is very important for health, because coconut oil antifungal effectively attacks infections caused by all kinds of fungi, especially in the skin, nails, and hair.

In infections caused by Candida and Tinea, it is a very effective medicine. In Candida affections in the mouth, such as cold sores; in babies, which present rashes caused by the diaper and can be transmitted to breastfeeding mothers.
When Tinea infections occur on the face, lips or feet, Coconut oil Antibacterial helps to eliminate the rash, itching, and discomfort caused by this type of fungus. Cocome oil is extracted from the fruit itself, by cold pressing. It contains unsaturated fats of the medium chain, which destroy the spores renewal, killing the fungus.
In addition, beeswax is used in order to seal the spores and prevent their spread. It is applied at natural temperature, then the Cocome oil and the procedure is carried out two or three times daily. For conditions on the feet, place on the affected area and cover with socks. If the condition persists and does not improve, seek medical advice.
To treat swelling processes, coconut oil anti inflammatory is a great ally. The body takes saturated fats and transforms them into nutrients and energy. Absorbs the lauric acid and converts it into monoglyceride or monolaurin.
Cocome oil cures the symptom and temporary inflammation. As for chronic inflammation, such as arthritis and lupus, it only relieves symptoms, so it is recommended to seek medical assistance. To apply, soak the area with lukewarm water and then proceed with CocoMe oil.
The Coconut oil Antiitching is perfect to avoid scratches on the skin when scratching. It protects us from possible infections and relieves the stinging sensation. In addition, it helps in ailments such as Cellulitis, Erysipelas, Impetigo, Folliculitis, Furuncles, Carbuncles, Streptococcus, Dermatitis and other skin conditions, more information at
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