Choose any subscription period from IPTV

best iptv server reviews is currently one of the best television service providers in United Kingdom. They have various subscription plans and set-top boxes with different price range. They have service for all kinds of customers. Main aim of IPTV is customer satisfaction.

IPTV provides four kinds of subscription plans with different time periods:
• 1 month IPTV subscription for 12.99 Euro for 30 days.
• 3 months IPTV Subscription for 29.99 Euro for 90 days.
• 6 months IPTV Subscription for 49.99 Euro for 180 days.
• 1 year IPTV subscription for 69.99 Euro for 365 days.
What are the different services provided by IPTV on the subscription period?
• You can enjoy more than 1200 channels 24×7.
• Get over 2000 Videos On Demand.
• Each and every channel has a resolution of 1080 megapixel and high definition picture quality.
• IPTV has their own Android app so that you can enjoy their services more easily.
• Get your own PC and routers like Roku etc.
• IPTV regularly update their movie list with the latest ones so that you can enjoy your favorite movies from your home.
• Get box sets of different TV shows.

How to install IPTV on Enigma 2 device?
 First, you have to install a free software called PuttY on your PC.
 After successfully installing the software, open it and you will find a space for an IP address.
 Type the IP address in the designated box and choose the Telnet option from below options and click the open button.
 A dialogue box will pop up asking for a login name. Type in ‘root’ as the login name and continue.
 If it asks for a password then type Dreambox or ask the person who installed the device.
 You are now ready to enjoy the services of IPTV in an Enigma 2 device.

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