Canvas Stretcher Frame- how to mount canvas on a frame?

Canvas Stretcher Frame is a kind of frame which is usually made with the help of wood, metal or with the combination of both. People make the use of such stretcher frames to keep their paintings, photos protect. The frames are bent all over the painting so that the corners or edges should not get damage easily. You can use these stretcher frames in different shapes, sizes, and color. But some people usually have the question in their mind that how to mount or fix canvas over the stretcher frame? And to answer such questions, here are some tips to mount a canvas on the stretcher frame:

• Try to assemble the frame making it fit together the stretcher strips and groove ends. Make sure that you check the squares of the frame. So, that the diagonal should come equally to the corners then attach them to avoid risks.

• Cut the canvas into four pieces, longer so that they easily get assemble on the stretcher frame. Align the frame with horizontal and vertical weave in the canvas.

• Try to fold any of the one side of the canvas towards the stretcher strip. Make the staple at the center of the stretcher strip to get the clean edges easily.

• Make the canvas get attach to the center of the stretcher strips.

Using the above tips, you can easily make favorite paintings and photos protected. There are times when people ignore the safety of their paintings, which is necessary for them to get the frame. To such people, there are different types of Canvas Stretcher Frame available that they can also make fit on to the frame for long last durability of the painting. There are various types of stretcher bars and frames available in the market and at a very reasonable price for the users using it.

Thus, have the best use of Canvas Stretcher Frame making your memories safe using the above-mentioned tips quickly.

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