Bone Broth, a delicious and nutritious way to keep your body healthy and strong

Eating well with natural ingredients is a great idea, and if additionally this food serves as a remedy for many ailments much better. Such is the case of Bone Broth, a super food that since the time of our grandmothers has been used to treat colds, inflammations, joint pains, digestive problems and increase immunity among others.

Nowadays it has been proven that it also serves as a cure for the leaky gut, to lose weight, to treat cellulite, as an aid to maintaining a lush skin, an anti-aging elixir that although it sounds magical enough to be real there are studies that have proven that Bone Broth not only treats various diseases but can also prevent them.
The Bone Broth is quite rich in nutrients, since it is made with animal bones, be it beef, pork, chicken, fish or almost any other, that when cooked over a low heat for a certain period of time are extracted Powerful nutrients such as gelatin and collagen are valuable to make bones stronger and healthier and maintain the integrity of the intestines. Since ancient times bone soup was used as a food to cure different diseases, and today is still a wonderful way to enrich the body with important nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, all vital for life.
The foods that we consume daily do not contain the amount of collagen and other nutrients that are present in the bone broth, so many times we have to resort to supplements that help us maintain good health.
In Fiona Tuck’s Block, Nutrition, Wellness, and Yoga, we present in detail the great benefits that bone soup can bring to your health, with excellent advice on the best way to make it even more nutritious. How to choose the ingredients and what ingredients you can add, as well as how to store it, and of course a delicious and simple recipe to make a chicken broth of higher quality, be sure to visit their website

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