Beard Oil – The Benefits

Beard Oil

Nowadays men know the value of care for their skin. We’ve got a couple men who use, and love our products already — deodorant, face and body oils, however we all wanted to make something especially for them and seeing as mine was a beard, it appeared beard oil was a good way to go.

What can it be?

It is a moisturizer and cologne in a one. A mix of nourishing botanicals soothes and moisturizes the skin and softens facial hair.

We have combined the subsequent plant oils, Camellia, Hemp, Argan and Jojoba to nourish and moisturize promoting healthy supple skin. Our amazing blend of essential oils provides this oil a spiced green citrus aroma. Rosemary and Patchouli help in cutting itching and redness, hydrating dry skin and generate a glow, leaving a gentle new beard which the women will love.

Why do I want it?

Our skin product a specific amount of sebum or oil that moisturizes, coats and protects skin and hair follicles. As hair and beards grow the hair needs more oil to coat the hair and moisturize skin yet our skin does not increase its oil production. This is as soon as you’re able to notice flaky, dry, itchy skin in addition to rough and class hair.
Implement our beard oil moisturizers and hydrates skin while boosting healthy and soft hair growth.

How do I use?

It’s ideal to use after a shower into a wash face when open pores, to enable the oils to be absorbed deep into the skin or anytime you will need to moisturize.

Require 3-5 drops (for more beards you may need more drops) and heat between your palms.) Working from the bottom of your beard, rub in the oil make sure to work it in your skin and throughout facial hair.

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