At SOSCENE.COM we offer you the most complete ear plug gauges kit

The perforations in the ears are more popular then ever, and made with regard to aesthetic reasons. It is a simple process, nevertheless it must be done with caution, endurance and in a proper environment.
When you have decided to use a perforation or a extending of the lobe, you must take into account a number of aspects in order not to cause harm. It is essential to have an appropriate ear plug gauges kit and use sterile and clean plugs to prevent infection.

It is vital that you buy an ear plug gauges kit from your reliable supply and make sure it really is new; also it is not better to place connects or tapers already used by another person. A good kit of ear determine comes with a couple of candles and long-term ear-stretching jewelry, the candles are the main device for stretching and should be placed with jewellery after a few of hours.
If you want to save time and cash you can purchase a complete ear gauge kit with all the required items for your process you can also also purchase each item independently. For this method it is necessary to have lubricant or oil, titanium or steel cones, simple flame or without plugs, antibacterial, saline and also plumber’s tape.
There are numerous other things you have to know when choosing to have an ear lift. All of us invite you to definitely enter and read precisely what interests you in this connection. We offer that you simply complete step-by-step guide for beginners, along with useful and safe ideas, in addition to SOSCENE.Net we provide you with a wide range of stunning jewels for sale in all sizes for newbies and for ear already expanded.
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